Terms and Conditions


Terms of use of the services of the Boostforsocial.com site

General Rules and Definitions
By using the services connected to the site boostforsocial.com (hereinafter referred to as "the services" or "the service"), the reader is required to comply with the conditions and terms of use specified below. These conditions concern Filarco Group S.R.L. owner of the BoostForSocial service and manager of the contents of the site itself and related services.

boostforsocial.com reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions, making the interested parties aware of them by publishing the changes on the site or by e-mail. Each reader is required to periodically check these conditions to make sure of any changes that have occurred since the last visit to the site. In any case, the use of the site and its services implies acceptance of the changes that have occurred in the meantime.

BostForSocial.com reserves the right to modify, suspend, even partially interrupt the services, including accessibility to the database or content. Boostforsocial.com may also introduce limitations of access or services, in whole or in part, without notice and without assuming responsibility for such limitation of service.

If you do not accept all the terms DO NOT BUY. By making a purchase on BostForSocial you will have automatically accepted the terms of this page.

BoostForSocial is not affiliated in any way with Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Service
    BoostForSocial is used exclusively for promotional purposes for your account and advertising on all social platforms present, increasing its notoriety. The disbursement normally takes place in about 48/72 hours, in some cases also in relation to the chosen quantity, however, the waiting times could lengthen, mainly the delay occurs when new updates are released on social networks, this does not depend on any way from our will but they are technical times of the brand.
    If your order is not delivered in the usual times you can contact our customer service, we will be happy to provide you with feedback on the timing.
    The profiles and images with which your profile will interact may, even if with low likelihood, contain inappropriate content (this is due to the fact that some photos that use certain popular HashTags are sexual). We cannot in any way guarantee and provide Geolocation of any type of service present. To date we are attesting to an average fall over time of less than 20% (confirming us among the most guaranteed on the web), however those just listed are statistical data created on the basis of our customers. In any case, on the services provided, as profiles are not owned by us we cannot guarantee their permanence, therefore we are not responsible in any way after the provision of any drops or even total loss of the aforementioned services. The purchased service ends when the purchased number of followers / likes / fans / comments or views lands on the indicated profile.
  2. Payment
    Payment will be in a single installment without any obligation to renew.
  3. Registration
    We will need, as specified in point 1 of this page, your username. According to the service purchased, in addition to your username, please insert the link of your account in the notes in order to avoid any problems. We remind you that for the Instagram service the profile must be set as public.
  4. We will not save or give your credentials to anyone.
    Registrandoti confermi di avere almeno 16 anni.
  5. Copyright
    You will not copy programming codes, text or images from the BoostForSocial site without written consent from a BoostForSocial representative.
  6. Disclaimer
    BoostForSocial is in no way responsible for any account suspension, image deletion by Instagram or loss of followers.
    BostForSocial is in no way responsible for any damage you or your business you may find yourself suffering from. We do not make any warranties of this kind regarding the services we offer.
    Since BostForSocial is based on the WEB we do not guarantee the operating time or availability of the WEB Site.
    We are in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the platforms on our site.
  7. Refund Policy
    From the moment in which BostForSocial offers an irrevocable and abstract service no refunds will be issued from the moment in which the order exceeds the "in process" status (after the start of the service).